Beechwood Co-operative Homes Inc.

Community living since 1992

Living in Beechwood

Beechwood Co-op is based on the principle of participatory democracy, and its operation is controlled by its members. Residents are members, not tenants, and there is no landlord.

The co-op is located at 693 Beechwood Drive in Waterloo, Ontario. Beechwood Co-op is located close to many amenities including city parks, nature trails, the Beechwood & Laurelwood Plazas which include grocery stores, convenience stores and more. There is also a Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and several banks within walking distance. A GRT route bus stop is just a few steps away from the co-op, and many schools are within walking distance.

2018/2019 Board of Directors

The co-op is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the community members every year. The Board of Directors consist of a President, Vice-President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and four other Directors. There are also up to two non-voting Youth Representatives who can attend the non-confidential portion of each Board meeting.

Beechwood Co-op Board of Directors

2018/2019 Board

Each year members have the opportunity to elect another member to be on the board of directors.

This year the members are: President: Shelly M., Vice President: Warren I., Corporate Secretary: Deleana R., Treasurer: Rosemarie J. Directors: Tammy B.; Michele L.; Wendy C-M.; Bill A., Youth Reps: Alex L.; Elijah D.

Beechwood Co-op Living

Each member is expected to assist in some aspect of co-op operations. This can include attending general meetings, being a part of one or more committees, taking on tasks around the co-op. The co-op is very proud of the level of community involvement, which helps to build community spirit, make the co-op more democratic and keep housing charges as affordable as possible.

The Property Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the co-op buildings and grounds are well maintained. It organizes annual Spring and Fall Clean-up Days, usually followed by a community barbeque.

The Personnel Committee administers the employment contracts with the Community Coordinator and other employees.